What is Raw Food?

When I talk about raw food, I mean vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds, sea vegetables, superfoods and oils.

Preparing food at low temperatures means that we get more vitamins and nutrients into our bodies. There are lots of techniques that can make raw food delicious including blending, marinating and dehydrating.

Eating raw food isn’t about eating sushi and it isn’t about chomping your way through a pile of raw carrots (unless you want to). Carrots are lovely when juiced with a twist of ginger or blended with nuts and spices into a cake. You don’t need to boil them or sauté them in oil for them to be mouth-wateringly good.

But enough about carrots, eating more raw food has lots of benefits. It can

  • give us more energy, glowing skin and sparkling eyes
  • help us to attain our natural weight
  • help us to look and feel younger and gain flexibility
  • boost your mood so you feel happier, improves
  • concentration and memory
  • strengthen our immune system
  • help to reduce the chances of disease*

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*Not intended to substitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.