A 2 day intensive programme with Raw Chef Deborah Durrant

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June 2015
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK (Places limited to 10)


karenknowlerI have yet to meet anyone as infinitely creative with decadent raw food recipes as Deborah Durrant. Deborah possesses a talent for creating new and incredibly inspired recipes as effortlessly as breathing, and yet to the uninitiated her talent can seem unfathomable. For anyone who is looking to take their raw food recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone (and of course impressing friends and family) or for high-level professional development, then Deborah is one of just a very few people in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation.”

Karen Knowler
The Raw Food Coach

Introducing the Deliciously Raw Refresh – A 2 Day Weekend Intensive


A two day hands-on intensive on making delicious and refreshing raw food for summer.

Start the summer as you mean to go on with a weekend intensive in making sumptuous and flavourful raw plant based foods to refresh and revive.

Running in early June 2015 on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June (inclusive), Refresh is a weekend hands-on training event suitable for anyone who loves raw food and wants to start their summer in the best way imaginable.

It’s true that most people could use some support and inspiration to carry them through the summer, however Refresh is especially likely to be top of YOUR wish list for summer, if:

  • You are totally committed to eating high raw or more raw this summer
  • You would like to kick start new healthy habits by eating totally raw for a weekend
  • You would like to learn to make exciting summer food for picnics and lunchboxes, raw soups and treats and be able to create luscious lunches such as Sicilian risotto, Mediterranean fettucine, sunflower crackers and delicious nut milks, juices and even ice cream.
  • You are prepared to invest in learning how to make the most delicious and nutritious food possible
  • You want to show friends and family that raw food is not just as good as cooked, but far and away superior!
  • You know it’s YOUR time to live the raw food lifestyle of your dreams!



Meet your Trainer


The training will be provided by raw food chef, Deborah Durrant. Deborah trained at the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in California and is a Qualified Chef in Advanced Raw and Living Cuisine. Deborah’s courses were shortlisted for the Looking to Cook Best Short Cookery Course in the UK and Ireland 2012 (she missed out to Jamie Oliver who pipped her to the post in her category but she doesn’t mind too much about losing to him). Deborah has always been a real foodie so in 2005, when she wanted to eat a healthy diet, she set about learning how to make raw foods that taste every bit as indulgent, delicious and comforting as any cooked food. Now she knows how to make raw food that tastes so good that you really won’t know that it’s raw.

Deborah is passionate about supporting people who want to change their way of eating to suit them and their lifestyle through training, one-to-one coaching and recipe books. She also offers VIP days for people who would like a completely indulgent foodie experience and would like to learn how to make delicious, decadent and inspirational raw foods. She believes that this is the key to helping people make the switch to healthier choices by finding substitutions which really suit their bodies and their palates too.

She is a member of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches and Teachers, holds a Masters Degree with Merit in Change Skills from the University of Surrey and is a qualified coach. She is also a graduate of Tony Robbins Life Mastery University which included a juice feast and Health Mastery programme.


At the end of the training you will:

  • Have the knowledge and technical know-how to make a range of deliciously decadent yet refreshing recipes for breakfasts, lunches and different occasions – including refreshing ice cream and snacks!
  • Have learned over 30 different recipes and be able to take them away in a beautiful binder to refer to forever
  • Have learned how to make a delicious array of breakfasts, lunches and snacks and packaged what you can to take home
  • Gained valuable knowledge on the purposes of different raw ingredients so you can put together your own raw creations
  • Know how to vary the recipes to suit different palates
  • WOW your family and friends with a choice of healthy and refreshing recipes for every occasion
  • Know what to keep in your raw food pantry, and how best to store it
  • Take away your own hand made and hand wrapped vegetable crisps, sunflower herb crispbreads and date and lemon streusel bars.
  • Receive a Certificate of Achievement for the Deliciously Raw Refresh weekend intensive

I have been to two of Deborah Durrant’s excellent raw classes. Having previously eaten at raw food restaurants across the USA and UK, I knew how strikingly delicious raw food could be but had no idea about how to prepare it. I am not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but since attending Deborah’s classes I have made raw brownies, yoghurt, various nut “milks”, chocolate bars and an astonishing chocolate mousse – all in my small kitchen and without using traditional cooking methods. All of these were vegan and absolutely delicious.

Deborah is an excellent tutor and I would recommend her classes to anyone who would like to learn or sharpen raw “cooking” skills.”

Mark Billinge

Day One – Saturday

Kitchen Essentials, Milks, Breakfasts, Light Lunches and Snacks

10am Welcome
Introduction to the raw food kitchen, equipment and the raw food pantry
Delicious refreshing superfood smoothie breakfast bowl
Making the perfect almond milk, cashew milk and coconut milk
Quick coconut yoghurt
Mango lassi
Cucumber mint and yoghurt soup
Create your own signature dressing
Mediterranean fettucine
Caesar salad
Create your own summer vegetable crisps
Pina colada granita
Berry acai sorbet
Sprouting lentils and alfafa
Sunflower seed and herb crispbread
Preserved lemons


Day Two – Sunday

Sweet things and refreshing lunches for summer eating and picnics

9.30am Welcome
Summer berry pancake stack with coconut cream
Strawberry milkshake
Fruit soup
Create your own signature pesto
Heirloom tomato and quick ‘goat cheese’ pressed salad
Preserved lemon dressing Sicilian risotto
A selection of summer food for picnics: Roast pepper hummus, aioli, summer rolls, sunflower herb crisp breads, walnut pate, tapenade.
Lemon and blackberry tarts
Raspberry and pistachio ice cream cake
Date and lemon streusel bars
Packaging summer vegetable crisps, sunflower herbed crisp bread and date and lemon streusel bars to go

caroleDeborah is not only teaching us to make DELICIOUS recipes, but we are learning to create our own “signature” recipes… Well she’s showing us how to be a Chef, not only a “cook”! I just LOVED both training DESSERTS & FEAST Count on me for level II!”

Carole Zuccatti
Geneva, Switzerland

I love to cook, eat, entertain and grow things. I’d always thought of ‘raw food’ diets as faddy and probably boring. Deborah’s incredibly accessible and entertaining training has changed my perspective. As well as introducing some key techniques, explaining the benefits and principles, she proved that raw food could be treat rather than torment.

The recipes are easy to follow and the taste luxurious and delicious. I would highly recommend Deborah’s courses to anyone who is interested in adding another string to their culinary bow or explore the health and vitality benefits of raw food.”

Tricia Jenkins, London

What is included in the 2 Day Week-end Intensive:

  • 14 hours of hands on raw food training over 2 days week-end (you won’t be tired but energised and happy!)
  • Raw plant based breakfast, lunch and evening meal for 2 days so you can eat totally raw to see how it feels
  • Raw snacks and refreshments for 2 days including green juices, nut milks, warm chocolate and nut milk chai latte
  • Your own workstation with equipment such as food processors, blenders and mandolins (not a demo based class)
  • All ingredients and free reign of the raw food pantry for recipe experimentation – this means that you can become completely confident in recipe adaptation and creation.
  • Complete recipe binders with 30 different recipes for Summer. The binder contains an essential how to guide for nut butters, making finishing syrups, and so much more..
  • Certificate of Achievement for the Refresh Intensive.

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