It’s a matter of Taste

Last week I was so pleased to welcome 6 lovely people to Demuths Cookery School in Bath for the Taste programme – Kathrine, Lina, Carol, Madeleine, Kelly and Tess.

Feast is level one of the academy and focusses on foods for every day, whilst Taste is level two with a focus on fine dining. Over the course of the Taste week, participants created three courses for a supper for six people, for an elegant supper for twelve people and a menu which was suitable for a pop up for 30 people plus.

During Taste, participants learned to use the Japanese sheet slicer, cold smoking gun and also the anti-griddle (photo below) – it’s a great piece of kit that freezes on impact but not that cheap so really only to be used if you are going into raw food on a professional basis. Each day of Taste introduces a new range of techniques and processes that participants can build on to create their own dishes and menus.













In addition to this, during the week participants develop their own three course menu suitable for fine dining which they then develop the recipes for and present on the final day. In doing this, they demonstrate and fully utilise the techniques and processes that they have learned in Feast and throughout the Taste programme.

I can’t wait to share the photos of what they did at the end – more about that soon.

In the meantime, here’s a few of the dishes that they made during the week. The photos are by Lina Cabatan-Liwag who came from Canada and Kathrine Harvey from London. There will be more photos of the final dishes they made soon.

One day one, participants learned to plate an elegant salad and make cold pickles. We also focus on advanced fermentation of chutneys and cheeses.

plating a salad









Lina’s salad and Kathrine’s cold pickles

On day two, we used the sheet slicing tool. Kathrine took some photos of me in action.

me rolling 2me rolling


We used the slicing tool to create thin vegetable wraps which we used for Spring rolls. I love these as they have such a freshness about them. We served it with a tom kha soup with a flavoured coconut stock.

linas soup and rolls


We used the same slicing tool for creating a dish I call, ‘Smoked Roots, Shoots and Leaves’. It uses the sheet slicing tool and also the smoking gun. Here’s Lina’s photo of the final plating of Smoked Roots, Shoots and Leaves.  We have used a seaweed caviar with caper dust and celery thins on the final plating.



I love making wraps. They can be so versatile and used for so many different dishes. Here’s Kathrine’s plating of carrot and spinach wraps.


On Day Three, we focussed on making an intricate menu suitable for a fine dining supper for twelve people. Kathrine took some photos of me plating the Beetroot toast with horseradish cream.  We use edible flowers from Maddocks Farm Organics as a feature of the dish.

toasttoast 2


beetroot toast

Day four focusses on creating a suitable menu for a pop up dining event for 30 people plus – so we pay lots of attention to dishes that have elements that can be prepared in advance for easy plating. We learn the art of creating a fabulous dessert verrine. This time we made fruits of the forest verrines. They can be really striking and impactful when you work with different layers and textures. Here’s Lina’s.

linas verrine


More photos are coming soon so you can see what people made on the final day.

If you want to learn to make food like this, whether for personal satisfaction or for professional presentation, then the next level 2 Taste programme is in 2016.

In order to take part in Taste, you must have satisfactorily completed Feast, Level One (the next is later in 2015) or pass an entrance test to participate in the programme. Email me for further details about dates for next year  – places are limited for this training.


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