A 5 day intensive programme with Raw Chef Deborah Durrant

Monday 3rd – Friday 7th August 2015 (SOLD OUT)
Monday 28th September – Friday 2nd October 2015
Bath, UK
(Places limited to 6)

karenknowlerI have yet to meet anyone as infinitely creative with decadent raw food recipes as Deborah Durrant. Deborah possesses a talent for creating new and incredibly inspired recipes as effortlessly as breathing, and yet to the uninitiated her talent can seem unfathomable. For anyone who is looking to take their raw food recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone (and of course impressing friends and family) or for high-level professional development, then Deborah is one of just a very few people in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation.”

Karen Knowler
The Raw Food Coach

Introducing the Deliciously Raw Feast – A 5 Day Intensive


Feast is a Deliciously Raw Intensive Training that is the ultimate multi-dimensional experience, providing you with all of the technical know-how so that you can put together your own deliciously raw food that takes you way beyond chopped salads, guacamole and dips.

This training is suitable for anyone who loves raw food and wants to make more inspiring breakfasts, appetisers, comforting and satisfying main meals, cheeses, breads, snacks and fermented foods.

This is hands on training (not a demonstration based class) set in beautiful cookery school overlooking rolling hills where you will have your own workstation and be able to make the dishes I show you, and have the opportunity to create your own signature versions of many of the dishes and learn how to develop them to suit your own palate.

This is for you if:

  • you want to eat healthily but don’t want to compromise on taste
  • you want to impress and WOW your friends and family or encourage your family to eat more fruit and veg
  • you are a raw food or health professional who wants to expand their repertoire and show people just how fabulous raw food can really be

There will be emphasis on elegant plating techniques and flavour balancing to bring out your inner raw chef. A raw lunch will be provided everyday from the dishes that you make, and you will be able to take away the food you make for your evening meals. So you have the opportunity to eat completely raw and plant-based for five days and have snacks and treats to take home too.


Meet your Trainer


The training will be provided by raw food chef, Deborah Durrant. Deborah trained at the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in California and is a Qualified Chef in Advanced Raw and Living Cuisine. Deborah’s courses were shortlisted for the Looking to Cook Best Short Cookery Course in the UK and Ireland 2012 (she missed out to Jamie Oliver who pipped her to the post in her category but she doesn’t mind too much about losing to him). Deborah has always been a real foodie so in 2005, when she wanted to eat a healthy diet, she set about learning how to make raw foods that taste every bit as indulgent, delicious and comforting as any cooked food. Now she knows how to make raw food that tastes so good that you really won’t know that it’s raw.

Deborah is passionate about supporting people who want to change their way of eating to suit them and their lifestyle through training, one-to-one coaching and recipe books. She also offers VIP days for people who would like a completely indulgent foodie experience and would like to learn how to make delicious, decadent and inspirational raw foods. She believes that this is the key to helping people make the switch to healthier choices by finding substitutions which really suit their bodies and their palates too.

She is a member of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches and Teachers, holds a Masters Degree with Merit in Change Skills from the University of Surrey and is a qualified coach. She is also a graduate of Tony Robbins Life Mastery University which included a juice feast and Health Mastery programme.


Day One

Day one is all about getting the fundamentals right, breakfasts and fermented foods. You will, start the day with a delicious apple and pecan granola then be introduced to the raw food kitchen and all the equipment, learn to make 10 different nut and seed milks and taste them all to understand the flavour profile and flour yield of each – and how you might use them. Then you will create your own granola from a blueprint that will work every time, learn which sugars dehydrate to get different textures, make different textured fermented tree nut cheeses (soft, medium and firm) and learn which fermentation agents to use to make cheese – not just acidophilus. You will also learn to make kefir, sprout and fermented veggies.

  • 9.30am Breakfast
  • Welcome
  • The Deliciously Raw Kitchen
  • Kitchen etiquette
  • Overview of equipment and ingredients
  • The principles of building nut milks and smoothies
  • Tasting 10 different nut milks to understand the flavour profile/nut flour yield
  • Making your own signature granola
  • Cheese fermentation and gaining different textures
  • Vegetable fermentation: sauerkraut and kimchi
  • Water Kefir and coconut kefir
  • A guide to sprouting
  • 5:30pm Close for the day

Day Two

On day two is all about snacks and appetisers so all of the gaps are filled in, you start with some delicious raw oat porridge, learn the art of plating a salad and making a fabulous dressing, ferment coconut yoghurt from Thai coconuts, create an elegant appetiser, make bread and flatbreads, cookies and also practise your knife skills.

  • 9.15am Breakfast
  • Knife skills
  • The art of plating a salad
  • Elegant appetisers and plating
  • Coconut yoghurt
  • Creating your own signature cookies
  • Bread, Crackers and Flatbreads
  • 5.30pm Close for the day

Day Three

Day three is when people start getting out the take away boxes as there is too much to eat – it’s a day of main meals. You start with a coconut parfait and spend the day making some inspiring main meals and a range of herb and cream sauces for all manner of meals – plus you make a really rich tomato sauce that no one can ever believe is raw. And pizza. And you flavour your tree nut cheeses ready for your cheese plates.

  • 9.15am Breakfast
  • Preparing ‘goats’ tree nut cheese and ‘cheddar’
  • Creating Italian Cuisine: Pizzas, sauces and toppings
  • Gnocchi and noodles
  • Herb and cream sauces
  • 5.30pm Close for the day

Day Four

Day four focuses on comfort foods. You learn the art of raw soup making and how to make raw stocks. You make a range of soups which you also have for lunch. You use the sous vide machine and learn some techniques for thermal immersion plus you create an elegant tree nut cheese plate and make a range of Thai food including green curry and a Buddha bowl. You also flavour kefir.

  • 9.15am Breakfast
  • The building blocks of raw soups
  • Soup making and tasting
  • Thermal immersion
  • Creating an elegant cheese plate
  • Thai food: Green curry and pad thai
  • Creating a Buddha bowl with rice
  • 5:30pm Close for the day

Day Five

Day five is about sweet things. You learn the art of making a perfect smoothie. (OK, so it is actually about balancing flavours and it’s a bit harder than chucking it in a blender). You make some delicious sweet things including stewed apples, a delicious vanilla custard tart and you will learn how to make the most delicious raw cacao truffles that will satisfy any chocolate craving you have, every single time.

  • 9.15am Breakfast
  • The art of making a smoothie
  • Fruit Tarts and Custards
  • Soud vide fruit
  • Truffles
  • Truffle rolling
  • Menu writing
  • 5:30pm close and final farewells

At the end of the training you will:

  • Have the knowledge and technical know-how to make a range of meals for breakfast to evenings, appetisers, lunches, snacks and fermented drinks
  • Have learned over 90 different recipes
  • Have learned how to make your own signature dishes including granola, cookies, crackers and packaged what you can to take home
  • Gained valuable knowledge on the purposes of different raw ingredients so you can put together your own raw creations
  • Know how to vary the recipes to suit different palates
  • Gained confidence in plating techniques and learned some valuable tricks of the trade
  • Be in no doubt that you can make raw comfort food whenever you want to
  • WOW your family and friends with a choice of healthy recipes for every occasion
  • If you’re a raw food professional, take your skills to a whole new level and have a whole new level of inspiration
  • Know what to keep in your raw food pantry, and how best to store it
  • Take away your own hand made and hand wrapped granola, biscuits, crackers, truffles, fermented veggies and bottled kefir!
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for the Deliciously Raw Feast 5 day intensive

SaraBy attending Feast, I now have all the knowledge of what equipment to use. I know how to adapt recipes to suit my own taste and I’ve learned the skills to present elegant plates of food. Deb is a relaxed trainer, clearly passionate about what she does and willing to share her secrets to make raw food delicious. This is the best start to raw food imaginable. I now have the confidence to invite friends round for raw dinner parties and can’t wait! I’ll certainly be attending more of Deb’s Deliciously Raw courses!”

Sara Sanderson

What’s included in the chef training?

  • 40 hours of hands on raw food training over 5 days
  • Raw plant based breakfast, lunch and evening meal for 5 days
  • Raw snacks and refreshments for 5 days
  • Your own workstation with equipment such as food processors, blenders and mandolins (not a demo based class)
  • All ingredients and free reign of the raw food pantry for recipe experimentation
  • An ‘I’m delicious’ chefs apron to take away and use after the training
  • A recipe binder which has frequently been referred to by participants as their ‘raw food bible’ containing 90 different recipes and an essential how to guide for sprouting, making tree nut cheeses, making a good dressing, using irish moss paste and so much more..
  • Truffles, granola and cookies to go – plus your own kefir grains to make your own water kefir.
  • A Certificate of Achievement for the Deliciously Raw Feast 5 day Chef Training
  • Exclusive membership of the Deliciously Raw Academy Chef Forum – a place to continue to ask questions and share with your colleagues after the training.

Bonus One

FeastBinderYou’ll receive a complete recipe binder of the 90 recipes to take away and use in your own kitchen or classes after the training

Bonus Two

ingredientsA list of Essential Ingredients for your Raw Food Pantry. Over the week you’ll understand how to create these recipes, and you’ll get the complete low down on what to keep in your raw pantry – and how best to store it.

Bonus Three

apronA beautiful embroidered Deliciously Raw professional chefs’ apron to use during the training and to take away.

Bonus Four

deb60 minute consultancy session
The first 3 people to book on Feast will receive a 60 minute consultancy one to one session with Deborah either via telephone or skype. This could focus on any aspect of taking what you have learned forward such as recipes for running a raw food class to developing a bespoke menu for your first pop up or dining event. Deborah has 25 years experience in running training events and business development. This is great opportunity to use her skills to help take you to the next level.

caroleDeborah is not only teaching us to make DELICIOUS recipes, but we are learning to create our own “signature” recipes… Well she’s showing us how to be a Chef, not only a “cook”! I just LOVED both training DESSERTS & FEAST Count on me for level II!”

Carole Zuccatti
Geneva, Switzerland


View images from last years FEAST

SaraI have to admit I felt slightly guilty investing in Deb Durrant’s Feast Course. As I was already a Certified Raw Food Chef could I justify it to myself and more importantly my partner? I really wasn’t sure what I’d get out of the course especially as Deb had already given me loads of free advice. Sod it. I loved Deb and her food and wanted to go. So I went anyway.

What I got was an amazing 5 days in a really tranquil setting surrounded by like minded people. All I had to do was enjoy myself messing with food, playing with ideas with no pressure to create the perfect product. It was just indulgent playtime. It is so worthwhile investing, time, money and energy sharing with people who are on a similar path. An unfamiliar ingredient is mentioned and a whole knew train of thought is generated. A huge unexpected gain was learning about the fine dining aspect of raw food. I had sort of dismissed it as not really being for me and not something I could use in my own business. How wrong was I? I loved the plating and realised how incredibly useful it is. Anyone who is selling food needs to be able to make it look good. Have you seen some of Deb’s photos? She knows how to do it and although it might take a bit more practice before I can kneel at her photographic altar I now have some idea.

Thanks Deb. Loved it.”

Rosie Tait

Don’t forget that the investment includes all training for five days, raw breakfast, lunch and evening meals and all bonuses.

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Feast is a 5 day intensive programme with Raw Chef Deborah Durrant in Bath, UK

Places limited to 6

FEAST: Monday 3rd – Friday 7th August 2015 SOLD OUT
SWEET: Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th August 2015
(Places limited to 6)
FEAST: Monday 28th September – Friday 2nd October 2015
SWEET: Saturday 3rd October – Sunday 4th October 2015
(Places limited to 6)


Refund Policy: The first 20% of the course fee (s) is deemed as a non-refundable deposit and will be payable in the event of the participant cancelling their place on the programme.
For an 80% refund, cancellation must be made at least twelve weeks prior to the start of the programme.
For a 50% refund, cancellation must be made at least eight weeks prior to the start of the programme.
For a 25% refund, cancellation must be made at least four weeks prior to the arrival date.
If a participant cancels within four weeks of the start date of the programme, the total payment is non-refundable.


I look forward to seeing you.Deliciously yours,