Mango sorbet (easy, sugar free and vegan)


My Alphonso Mango fixation this Spring continues in the form of a delicious sorbet. Really, if you can get your hands on some decent mangos, it really is worth your while cutting a few into chunks and keeping them in the freezer. If you can’t get hold of fresh Alphonso mangos to freeze yourself, then…

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Tropical Salsa


I am aware that I am still hankering for the sweet and creamy flesh of mangos and this Spring I appear to be trying them in everything from cheesecake and sorbets to salad and salsa. This tropical salsa really hits the spot when the weather is so warm and makes a delightful and more refreshing…

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How to supreme an orange


When people come along to the Feast chef intensive, the key elements they want to learn are how to create their own recipes, how to make it taste good and also how to make it look as good as it tastes. Learning good knife skills is pretty essential if you want to ensure that your…

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Clementine Compote


I know that no one really needs a recipe for a compote, but this is the one that I like to serve with the hazelnut yoghurt. Refreshing and fruity, it is a pretty decadent breakfast and also delicious as a dessert. If you can’t get hold of clementines, then oranges work equally as well. The…

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As seen in Vogue


Forgive me. I have always wanted to say this ever since I use to peruse the pages of this magazine when I was young, fashionable and living in London. I am so delighted that the raw bean to raw bar chocolate that we have produced in collaboration with Mayhawk has made it to the pages…

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